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Getting serious about this

We started our brand with a simple question: "could I paint something different?"

Well, after years of improving painting on figures, hours and hours to match color pattern on a uniform we started to questioning it!  So here we are, young extroverse people who loves to paint something exagereted, out of market and completely new.  Figures and subjects that are big, easy to paint and a lot of space to improve skills or to learn how to paint, because painting is free expression and we love to hear from you: 'Atta Boi!♥

Snake by Davide Decina

And here we are, searching something new in this hobby, so we asked to one of more prolific and talented figure artist alive: Davide "Snake" Decina from Rome.

Super enthusiastic, Davide answered our call and he said: "If you want to do something new, why not an iconic character as Snake Plisskin from " Escape from New York"?

Made up some research, contacted our friend Roberta Fontana and we made it!

So here you could admire perfect resemblance of Kurt Russel by Roberta and magnificent paint strokes of Davide.

Remember, when you buy from Atta Boi you receive a piece of Art.

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kung fury 4.jpg

Kung Hero
or Martial Fury?

Here is also our second bust: Martial Hero, directly from the Youtube movie "Kung Fury". We are proud to present you this iconic and unusual bust: scale 1: 9 by 10cm high!
Big, wide and full of fancy details, Martial Hero will surely go hand in hand with the need for large surfaces for freehand painting!
This is the interpretation of our artist Lucrezia Gagnoni, simply breathtaking.
Thanks to the talented sculptor Sergio Ames from Buenos Aires, Martial Hero is a reality and we did it! ^ _ ^

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Mal Dita 

Like all puazi, she is gifted with an intelligence that is truly out of the ordinary, she has always dreamed of being a teacher, and for this reason she decides to leave her home planet.  of super brains to teach others.  Now the teacher lives a quiet life but no one suspects that as a young woman MalDita was the leading actress in the red light film "xenobiology" by the famous director InCase.  It is the perfect sum of feminine sensuality and intelligence.

From the pencils of the master InCase to your brushes, Mal Dita will surely brighten your painting hours with his mischievous smile and the particular complexions artfully created by the Master Renato Verneau,

the details sculpted by Victor de Sales will be able to enhance your drapery.

Brushes in hand and Happy modeling.

click above to download the color references of your model
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