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Question is legit: who the F ** k is Atta Boi?
Well Atta Boi has born from an idea, both wrong and genial:  why don't create something different from mainstream characters such as Warriors, Ogres, Olyphants and other Sci-FI and Fantasy bestiary?

Figure Painting is saturated by theese subjects and, beneath mostly of 'em are pretty beautiful and complicated. Starting from the beginning or improve new techniques would sacrifice theese superb work of art for a not so good final result. So here comes Atta Boi: our mission is to offer easy to paint pieces with not so intricate and complex details of iconic character of mainstream culture in a odd frame of 3/4 bust (00's) or emblem plus regular bust (cults!) in order to have the perfect marriage between Easy and Wonderful.

Talking about easy step, did you know that all our bust don't need primer?

That's because our Figures are cast in Polyurethan Resin that is the same  ingredient of Figure primer and for that our pieces are ready to be painted out of the box!

Of course then, grab your brushes and paint and start creating some art with our little piece of art !

And remember: there are not mistakes, just little happy accidents. (Bob Ross)


Antonio Bello

Lucca comics and games 2021

We are proud to participate as a sponsor in this international event which is Lucca Comics and Games 2021, giving away our most sought-after works in the NKGC and Trofeo Grog competitions .

This year Lucca Comics & Games changes shape but does not change substance. Lucca ChanGes edition of this 2020 marked by the pandemic will include, during the four days of the festival, not only live events in the historic venue of the kermesse, but also online appointments accessible in streaming and through RAI channels, to allow the public to enjoy of the event even at a distance during the health emergency. And then there are the Campfires, including those that will host the historic Grog Trophy .

Lucca ChanGes has in fact involved numerous shops specialized in comics, games and fiction present throughout the Italian territory: one hundred and fifteen points of sale that from 29 October to 1 November will be the seat of various activities in the Lucca Comics & Games area. " Outposts " of the festival called Campfire , which will make products and activities available to the public in synergy with Lucca ChanGes . An event not to be missed, among others, will be the Grog Trophy. Present at the festival since its first edition in 1993, Italy's longest-running miniature painting contest will not only take place in Lucca, but will also be hosted in all participating Campfires . *

NKGC community was born in 2001 from a group of science fiction / Gundam / comic modeling enthusiasts with the aim of promoting and giving prominence to this modeling genre. A fundamental event is the modeling contest organized every year on the occasion of Lucca Comics & Games; the contest is exclusively dedicated to this specific modeling field and every year sees the participation of model makers from all over Italy.

Congratulations to the winner of Best Japan Figure NKGC category " Antonio Bello " who takes home a copy of Martial Hero

Congratulations to the winner of category Best Large Scale Model Grog Trophy " Francesco Mennini " who brings home a copy of Snake


in Italian

We can finally announce, with a note of pride, our collaboration with the FigureMentors staff!

Starting from issue 30 of the Fantasy edition, all our Italian readers will have one more reason to read their favorite magazine about the most popular artists in the field of fashion sketches.

An unmissable opportunity to be able to scrutinize all the secrets and techniques of the greats of the figure without necessarily speaking and understanding the language of Shakespeare.

A simple magazine, full of images, reviews and exclusive interviews, where you can admire and learn new techniques and, why not, have an extra chance to be published with your works.

You can find your copy in Italian in the Shop  or in the original language on FigureMentors

Click on the image for a free promo

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