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Gemo UV Putty

Gemo UV Putty


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GEMO UV putty can save you time-just a few seconds and your model is ready to be sanded and painted.

  • Easy to sand with #400 sandpaper
  • Easy to cut with cutter
  • Can be applied with a minimum thickness of 0.1~1cm
  • Moldable
  • No oil after curing
  • Low heat of curing
  • Istructions

    • 1. First fill the crack or hole with putty.
    • 2. If you need to see the defects clearly, you may want to add a little color pigment or dye into the clay (only a little pigment is needed, otherwise it will affect adhesion).
    • 3. If the purpose is just to fill evenly, it is recommended to use alcohol to smooth the grout, thus saving a lot of sanding time.
    • 4. Before applying the clay, it is necessary to make sure of two things.
    • (a) Make sure there is no dust on the plastic surface (it is recommended to sand the parts to increase adhesion).
    • (b) The clay should adhere to the part making sure there are no bubbles or spaces between the part and the putty (the principle is similar to that of two-component putty).
    • 5. When using the UV flashlight, make sure it is at 1 cm. If the range is wide, irradiate it locally to ensure that the UV light can penetrate to the bottom so that it cures completely and solidifies.
    • 6. After curing, do not rush to sand, but wait for the temperature to drop, you can blow it to cool it down, do a finger test, if cold it is ready for sanding.
    • 7. When handled, the product will be sticky. Just wipe it off with alcohol.


    Do not point the UV light directly into the eye.

    The putty is not edible