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FigureMentors Historic Edition # 37 Italian

FigureMentors Historic Edition # 37 Italian


The most authoritative ONLINE MAGAZINE of historical figures FINALLY also in Italian.

From this month and forever.

An AttaBoi exclusive.


    THE DANCE OF THE VILLAGES by Vladimir Golubev

    Vladimir talks to us about his process of creating a dynamic and impactful medieval skit

    ROBIN HOOD (Part One)

    Roy explains step by step how to create an immersive skit with self-construction materials and techniques

    THE CRUSADER by Niko Ableev

    Niko takes us on a one-piece journey from box to skit

    TWO CHATS with Niko Ableev

    NIko is the last Mentor we have the pleasure of speaking with in this issue


    INCARNATO VIKING by Emanuele Terzoni

    Emanuele paints a fantastic bust bringing attention to the complexion and hair using oil colors.